Company’s Executive Leadership

Key Manager: Mr. Takalani Mashamba

  1. Mr. Takalani Mashamba has extensive experience in logistics and fleet management

In-house Responsibilities at Babii Logistics:

  • Oversees all transactions , regulatory and daily operations of the company
  • Strategic planning of activities and all critical initiatives undertaken by Babii Logistics
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of supply and trading strategies
  • Compliance with all government regulations
  • Responsible for the technological direction our company will be taking

2.Miss. Nancy Mathavhathi: Has extensive experience in Office Administration.

In-house Responsibilities at Babii Logistics:

  • All sales, marketing and responsible for the daily monitoring of sales
  • Supervises drivers and monitors the delivery routes
  • Customer service

Outsourced Services from External Service Providers:

  • SHERQ Representative – Health and Safety Representatives
  • Fleet controllers and Satellite Surveillance
  • Energy-sector advisors
  • Other value-adding services necessary to facilitate our business